Jaroslaw Dabkowski
Computer, Webdesigne, Network, Software


Mr. Dabkowski's hobby is painting.

Mr. Dabkowski paints mainly abstract pictures which remind the real events.

Here you can see the picture "Polish Autumn", which should remind of the beginning of World War II and the bleeding out of the polish army in hopeless war.

Polish Autumn, oil, 50x70 cm, 1.450.- €

Below you find another 3 pictures from "The Sun and the Rain" collection. This motive you can find in all three pictures.

  The German Storm, oil,60 x 60 cm, 1.750.- €
1. This picture should remind the german history, just a big storm: two world wars and falling down of Berlin's wall. The rain represents the tears of victims and Sun represents a joy of the dawnfall of the Berlin's wall and german union.


2. Here you can see the big explosion in the space and the begining of the life. The Sun and the rain remind about our Sun System.

The Universe, oil, 100 x 70 cm, 2.350.- €

Near Eisbach, oil, 50 x 70 cm, 3.450.- €
3. The walks through the English Garden in Munich gave Mr. Dabkowski inspiration to paint the girl geting sun-burnt near Eisbach. Nakedness on the meadow of the garden is not something extraordinary. The Sun and the rain also here perform a very important role.


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